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TDM 2000 Malta Holds Annual General Meeting: Showcases Yearly Achievements and Elects New Executive Team

On June 15th 2024, TDM 2000 Malta convened for its Annual General Meeting (AGM), marking another successful year for the organisation. The event provided an opportunity for the team to highlight their accomplishments over the past year and to introduce the newly elected executive team.

The meeting commenced with a comprehensive annual report delivered by the President. The report offered a detailed overview of the various initiatives and projects undertaken by TDM 2000 Malta, reflecting the organisation's commitment to youth development and community engagement.

The financial segment of the meeting presented a transparent overview of the organisation’s financial health. The detailed report showcased prudent fiscal management, ensuring that resources were effectively utilised to support TDM 2000 Malta’s diverse projects and activities.

The Media and Communications team reported significant growth and engagement across various platforms. Key highlights included:

  • Facebook: 4,200 likes and followers, with a reach of 1,917 and 444 engagements in the last 28 days.

  • Instagram: 943 followers, reaching 3,216 accounts with 13,717 impressions and 40 engaged accounts.

The team focused on consistent content creation, covering events such as Halloween, Youth Day, and International Women’s Day, effectively raising awareness and promoting TDM 2000 Malta’s mission.

The International Office emphasised its role in expanding youth participation through non-formal education and international collaboration. Some of the key international projects co-funded by the European Union included:

  • "We’re Here We’re Queer": A training course in Krakow, Poland, aimed at understanding and supporting LGBTIQ+ individuals.

  • "Earth Connect": Held in Sardinia, Italy, this project focused on sustainable living and environmental awareness.

  • "Clear Skies Clear Minds": In Pakozd, Hungary, this project explored the relationship between environmental factors and mental health.

  • "Bridge to Europe": An extensive debate on citizenship and democracy held in Aruba, involving participants from various islands and nations.

TDM 2000 Malta also hosted several impactful local projects, such as:

  • “Inclusive Beats": Promoting social inclusion through art and music, with participation from youths across Europe.

  • "CLEARLY": An environmental project which was aimed at proactive protection efforts.

  • “Changemakers For European Democracy”: Aimed at promoting and strengthening European democracy and citizenship at a continental level by fostering the development of a political community of active citizens across Europe and transnationally, and by encouraging a virtuous change in European policy driven by civil society actors.

The KA2 projects, including "YouPlay," "In Touch," and "Youth Work Seal," highlighted TDM 2000 Malta’s dedication to educational innovation and youth empowerment, reinforcing its influence both locally and internationally.

The AGM concluded with the election of the new executive team, poised to lead TDM 2000 Malta into another year of growth and achievement, with the new team consisting of:

  • Duncan Muscat - President

  • Julia Zammit Galea Testaferrata - Vice President

  • Jake Borg - Treasurer

  • Nicholas Aquilina - Secretary General

  • Davinia Agius - Media & Communications Officer

  • Zoe Louise Gatt - Media & Communications Officer

  • Sara Lee Bonavia - International Director

  • Kirk Grech - International Officer

  • Celeste Tan Panza - International Officer

  • Jean Borg - International Officer 

  • Yasmin Marie Abela - International Officer

The organisation looks forward to continuing its mission of empowering youth and fostering international collaboration.

For more information on TDM 2000 Malta and their initiatives, visit or contact 

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