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TDM 2000 Malta Highlights Youth Engagement Successes at Campus FM Press Conference

On June 29th, members of the TDM 2000 Malta executive team participated in a significant press conference at the Campus FM radio station. During this engaging program, our representatives discussed the impactful outcomes of the 'Changemakers for European Democracy' project, an EU-funded initiative. This project saw the collaboration of eight organizations from the international NGO TDM 2000 International, united to promote the June 2024 elections.

Throughout the press conference, we detailed the achievements realised over the course of the project and the diverse array of events conducted throughout the past year. We highlighted key successes in increasing youth interest and participation in the electoral process, emphasising the importance of our involvement in fostering a more engaged and informed young electorate.

The discussions provided insights into how the project’s initiatives have positively influenced youth engagement and underscored the critical role of such efforts in shaping a democratic future. A recording of the program will be shared shortly, offering a comprehensive overview of our activities and their impact.

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