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Tackling Digital Media: An Erasmus+ Project

Between the 26th of March and the 1st of April 2023, TDM 2000 Malta organized an Erasmus+ Mobility of learners and staff focusing on Tackling Digital Media. 

The event brought together participants from various countries, including Malta, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. Among the 24 youth workers from 7 different partners, some were from less privileged backgrounds, ensuring their seamless integration and guaranteeing equity and equality throughout the one-week program.

The project's activities were structured around a blend of non-formal learning and informative formal sessions, employing diverse methodologies such as brainstorming, plenary debates, simulations, role-plays, interactive group work, case studies, world cafe, power stations, and creative writing. Trainers enriched the experience with presentations, videos, and insights from media experts.

During the intercultural night and the organization fair, our delegation showcased the traditions of our country and the initiatives of TDM 2000 Malta. The participants, who were youth workers actively involved in their local communities, shared their knowledge gained during the mobility, focusing on critical thinking, media literacy, evaluating fake news, understanding information patterns, and building campaigns. Post-mobility, we maintained connections with other organizations, planning future projects together.

In an effort to act as multipliers, our participants presented what they learned on media literacy to their local communities. Committed to enhancing their work with youth, they applied the acquired competencies back home, showcasing results and utilizing the methodologies gained during the mobility.

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