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Empowering Youth for European Democracy: TDM Malta's Milestone Multiplier Event

On Friday, June 28th, TDM 2000 Malta successfully hosted a pivotal multiplier event as part of the 'Changemakers for European Democracy' EU-funded project. This project, involving a dynamic international network of NGOs, aimed to promote the EU elections and core European values among youth in anticipation of the June 2024 election.

The event, held at the iconic Parliament building in Valletta, brought together representatives from the two political parties whose candidates secured seats in the European Parliament. The 90-minute session was marked by a series of insightful discussions led by the TDM executive members, who posed probing questions to the party representatives.

Key topics included an in-depth analysis of the election results, highlighting both successes and areas for improvement. The dialogue also emphasised the crucial role of youth in European politics and explored strategies for greater youth engagement by the elected candidates.

This meeting underscored the importance of active political participation and the need for ongoing dialogue between young people and political leaders. A comprehensive report detailing the outcomes and insights from this productive meeting will be released soon, offering valuable perspectives for fostering a more inclusive and democratic European future.

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